North Meadow Greenway Park completed

The park at Parcel 2 (dubbed "North Meadow") is now complete!

I swung by this afternoon to check it out. Other than the fact that it took me 3 minutes and 32 seconds to reach the park from the bus stop across the street on North Washington, and the exhaust and noise from traffic... the park was lovely! The flowers, seating, and signage all seemed well thought out and designed. (Especially the flowers - they really are lovely๐ŸŒบ)

North End Skinny House wasn't built out of "spite" - it's what remains of a larger original structure

The story, repeated by dozens of tour guides daily, goes something like this: A set of brothers inherited some land on Copp's Hill. One brother built a large house on the land which took up most of the property. The slighted brother then proceeded to erect the skinny house on the remaining land - out of spite - to block the light and view from his brother's house. The only problem? It's completely made up.