April 2023 NEWNC Meeting - a return to in-person!

April 2023 NEWNC Meeting - a return to in-person!

The Neighborhood council held its April 2023 meeting on Monday, April 10th IN PERSON at the Nazzaro center. There was also an option to join virtually via Zoom (👏 nice work, NC). 

There were no voting items on the agenda. A brief recap of what was discussed:

NEWNC elections

NEWNC Elections are coming up. Candidates must collect 40 signatures to appear on the ballot. Signature sheets can be picked up at the Nazzaro. NEWNC is strongly encouraging anyone who is interested to run. President Faller describes it as a "deeply rewarding experience" that helps you become more connected to the community.

Outdoor dining task force

The City is still accepting applications for the outdoor dining task force (even though the original form indicates applications would be closed on 24 March). ONS liaison Ciara D'Amico thinks they will select the members within ~two weeks.

Bill S3162

During community chat, the group discussed Bill S3162 which was recently signed into law. The bill states that:

In passing a vulnerable user, the operator of a motor vehicle shall pass at a safe distance of not less than 4 feet and at a reasonable and proper speed.

The main question was how an operator of a car could pass a pedestrian on streets like Tileston (or even Salem Street) while giving four feet of clearance. [Note: I don't think they legally can 😉]. The bill also states that:

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation shall erect and maintain signage along public ways necessary to notify operators of motor vehicles of the requirements for passing a vulnerable user from a safe distance as required by this section.

I'm thinking this MassDOT should adopt this signage :)

MassDOT S3162 signage
MassDOT S3162 signage for Salem Street (proposed)

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