March NEWNC meeting

March NEWNC meeting

The Neighborhood Council held its March 2023 meeting on Monday night.

Note: This was last virtual meeting as the Council voted to begin in-person meetings at the Nazzaro Center starting next month. Council President Jody Faller explained his reasoning for calling the vote:

There is something there - having people file into the rooms and greet each other - there is a sense of community.

President Faller also acknowledged that there are advantages to virtual meetings - namely higher participation. Within reason, the Council agreed to make efforts to allow for some sort of virtual participation.

Various updates from Councilor Coletta

  • She will be hosting an upcoming budget town hall
  • [Her source says...] There is good movement on the North Washington Street bridge project; Still looking for crossing guards to help with the intersections on either side
  • Stressed her desire for holistic approach to Article 80 Reform - rather than a project-by-project reaction
  • Sponsoring a major trash campaign - inventory of barrels, etc; picked up 80 lbs of trash!

President Faller asked Coletta to be a partner with the Council and figure out a way to ensure that the "community's voice is heard through the Council". Faller cited several recent projects that went to the ZBA without first presenting at the Neighborhood Council including the Cross Street Hotel project (which the Neighborhood Council and Resident's Association both ultimately opposed).

Sumner Tunnel

John Romano and Dan Fielding from MassDOT (John works for MassDOT? Never knew that. Or is he some sort of liaison? That wasn't clear...) announced that instead of a 16-week full closure starting this Memorial Day, the Sumner Tunnel will be closed for eight weeks starting after July 4th this summer and again for eight weeks after July 4th in 2024. Various tweaks to the weekend closures will also be made.

There are informational meetings scheduled for tomorrow and Wednesday night.


The Council voted unanimously to support:

  1. The change of ownership and liquor license at Lo Conte's Restaurant from the existing owners to Andrew Corbin.
    (This change had already been approved by the City - President Faller noted again that he would prefer that petitioners present to the Neighborhood Council before the City makes a decision.)
  2. The addition of cordials to Locale's existing beer and wine license.
    Owner Jennifer Matarazzo said many customers have asked about getting a sambuca and coffee or aperol spritz and that the additional income from such sales could be used to give raises to the staff.

A video and meeting notes of the meeting will be posted here if they are made available.

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