Baystate Herbal Solutions (Proposed Hanover St pot shop) BCB Hearing

Baystate Herbal Solutions seeks to open an adult use recreational marijuana dispensary at 464 Hanover Street. The North End community is already familiar with Baystate due to the community meeting hosted by ONS back in September. You can read our coverage of the community meeting at which more than a dozen people, including residents and condo owners at 464 Hanover, Parents of Eliot School children, and other North End residents spoke in opposition to their plans.

A brief history of trash in the North End

In the beginning (going back at least 20 years - but I'm not sure how much longer before that), there were three pickup days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Recycling was picked up on Fridays only, but trash was picked up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Trash and recycling needed to be out before 7am on pickup days and no earlier than 5pm the night before.

November 2022 NEWNC Meeting Agenda

The North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, November 14th at 7pm. 38 B Fleet Street – Change occupancy from 5 residential units and 1 detached retail store to 5 residential units and 1 detached take-out, small restaurant. In addition to the agenda item, a representative from Boston Public Works department will be at the meeting to discuss trash pickup and litter. This should be interesting.

"Our Country Club"

1972 WGBH news story about "hanging around" the North End

We hung around because it gave us a sense of belonging. In our little piece of turf - our self-assigned chunk of sidewalk - that was our country club. For members only.

In the rain, in the sun, on the weekday, on the weekend - we were there. Somebody was always there.