North End Skinny House wasn't built out of "spite" - it's what remains of a larger original structure

The story, repeated by dozens of tour guides daily, goes something like this: A set of brothers inherited some land on Copp's Hill. One brother built a large house on the land which took up most of the property. The slighted brother then proceeded to erect the skinny house on the remaining land - out of spite - to block the light and view from his brother's house. The only problem? It's completely made up.

Nazzaro Community Center to Reopen May 16

The two month lead paint remediation project at BCYF Nazzaro Community Center in the North End is complete and the center is scheduled to reopen on Monday, May 16.

The lead removal project included scraping loose and flaking lead paint on ceilings and stabilizing areas, leaving areas ready for paint, and cleaning rooms by HEPA vacuuming and TSP wash. Lead removal work has been safely completed in the gym, second floor rooms and hallway, the staircase, and areas of the exterior.

May NEWNC meeting agenda

The North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) will hold its monthly meeting Monday, May 9th.

Join the meeting Monday night with this link:

Agenda includes:

Proposal to add one story and roof deck to 47-48 Snow Hill St. 47-48 Snow Hill is the cute three story building with dormers across from Copp's Hill. An abutters meeting was already held. Looking forward to seeing their plans.

Gigi Coletta wins District 1 City Council to replace Lydia Edwards

Gigi Coletta beat out Tania Del Rio to win the District 1 City Council seat left vacant by Lydia Edwards when she resigned to be a full-time State Senator. Coletta had worked previously as a staffer for Edwards.

Congrats to Coletta and Del Rio for a great campaign.

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