Attorney for Mendoza family petitions for Amanda McQueen, operations manager, to take over as manager of Monica's Trattoria; Board to vote next Tuesday

The Licensing Board held an information hearing today on the fitness of Patrick Mendoza, who is wanted by the police for attempted murder and other charges, to continue to be the manager of record for the Monica's Trattoria which he owns.

Mendoza family Attorney William Ferullo opened the hearing by stating his intention to petition the board for a transfer of the Manager of Record from Patrick Mendoza to current Operations Manager Amanda McQueen.

Patrick Mendoza, owner of Monica’s Trattoria, wanted for attempted murder and other charges, still at large

Update: There is lot's of misinformation swirling about this story and it's developing constantly.

Mendoza is still at large. Nobody knows how or why his arraignment appeared in the court system.

We're not going to try to keep up with it now that all the major outlets are covering it. If a North End-specific angle develops, we'll pick it back up.

Mirabella Pool registration system less than ideal

Just like 2021 and 2022, visiting the Mirabella Pool in 2023 requires a reservation. The days are divided into four two-hour blocks starting at 11am (there is also a lap swim block at 8:15 each morning).

Potential pool visitors need to register for an account on BCYF's third-party "recreation management software" site then select one of the blocks and "checkout" for zero dollars. A bit cumbersome, but OK. That is, except for all the problems.

June 2023 NEWNC Meeting

Voting items:

  • Al Dente 109, 109A Salem Street – Petition to change seating capacity from 40 to 60, no work to be done.
  • 96 & 98 Prince Street – Application to renovate building and increase occupancy to 19 Units.
    One council member asked why the building at 98 Prince Street had remained vacant for so long. The owner, Ms. Angiulo, answered that her family had wanted it that way ;)

Discussion items: