October 2022 NEWNC Meeting

October 2022 NEWNC Meeting

The Neighborhood Council held its October meeting on Monday night.

Of note:

North Washington Street Bridge

MassDOT sent representatives to discuss the delays with the North Washington Street Bridge project. This was generally the same presentation that was given to the Resident's Association last week and covered here. MassDOT confirmed the following:

  1. Pedestrians travelling from Charlestown ↔ North End will need to continue to cross Washington Street twice (13 lanes of traffic) to use the bridge until December 2023. In December of 2023, the walkway will be on the East (harbor) side of the new structure.
  2. Pedestrians will need to wait until December 2024 to start using the rebuilt underpass on the North End side of the bridge.

Council-member Kevin Fleming shared the @northwashingtonstbridge Instagram account page which chronicles the dangerous crossing that students and commuters will have to endure daily for at least another year.

Wine Bodega

The new owners of the Wine Bodega applied to have the existing liquor license transferred to them. The council unanimously voted in favor.

354 - 356 Hanover

The new owners of 354-356 Hanover Street applied to change the occupancy from two to three residential units plus one retail. This is the building on the corner of Tileston with Heart & Sole on the first floor. The attorney explained that the building has always had three apartments - except for possibly a short spell in the eighties when the owner might have combined the top two floors into a single unit. The council unanimously voted in favor.

128 North Street / Traffic Tunnel Administration building

The council arbitrated the second long conversation between the new owners of the Traffic Tunnel Administration Building on North Street and their direct abutters, North Bennet Street School. See previous coverage from the abutters meeting and last month's Council meeting.

In the end, the Council decided to vote to conditionally support the new owners pending a signed construction agreement between the new owners and NBSS.

Full meeting notes:

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