March NEWNC meeting recap

March NEWNC meeting recap

There were three voting items on the agenda. All were unanimously approved.

In addition, the city provided information packets on the EV charging stations coming to the North End. Read more about that here: Electric vehicle charging stations coming to the North End

Voting items

204 Hanover Street

Richard and Adriana Travaglione bought the "High End Jewelry" building for $3.4m earlier this year and now would like to open his third North End restaurant there. (The Travagliones also operates Giacomo's on Hanover and Riccardo's in North Square).

The restaurant will be called "North End Lobster Company".... except probably not. Turns out that was just a placeholder and the real name on the BDA is TBD👌. As is the menu which Travaglione described as probably a mix of Riccardo's and Giocomo's with soups🤷. Adriana Travaglione will be the manager of record.

The Council voted unanimously in support of transferring a wandering liquor license last used by Pomodoro back to 204 Hanover for the new restaurant.

64 North Margin Street

Thomas Magloczki bought 64 North Margin street back in 2022 for $3.605m and went right to work improving the property - like installing a working fire alarm system. Now he wants to move from the South End into one of the units and needs a FAR variance to expand that unit into the basement/garden level.

Magloczki also plans on restoring the first floor business façade and running his real estate business out of there - a welcome restoration of a storefront instead of going the opposite direction (storefront -> residential).

The FAR variance was unanimously supported.

75 Fulton street

The council unanimously supported an application to construct a roof deck for the exclusive use of the top-floor residents - just like most of their neighbors have.


Submitted by Bored of more … Thu, 03/14/2024 - 14:51

Just what we need, another Giacamo’s/Riccardo’s clone…WITH SOUP! Can’t believe that someone would turn another retail-zoned space into another boring food stop. This neighborhood barely has enough retail spaces to begin with (which is why there are so few businesses that can move into the neighborhood). 

So sure, go ahead and keep competing with each other for tourist and neighborhood dollars. Remember folks, people can only eat once when they’re in the North End, why wouldn’t you want to give people more variety to spend more money in our neighborhood while they come to dine here? Too bad the “North End Chamber of Commerce” can’t look past their own kind of supporting more than just restaurant business owners. 

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