Is 21 too young for the Flamingo?

Is 21 too young for the Flamingo?

Raising the minimum flocking age of Flamingo patrons to 25 was just one of the ideas floated by neighbors and the members of the Council at Monday night's NEWNC meeting.

Neighbors of the Flamingo were disappointed and angered when the operators of the establishment were a no show for the scheduled discussion about noise and trash due to a family emergency. One neighbor implied that operators were dodging them and that the issues will continue to get worse as the summer arrives. A council-member rhetorically implored how both owners could be affected by a family emergency.

The Flamingo, which bills itself as "A vibe bar gone glam by way of retro Miami Beach of the 70's, 80's & 90's" opened in the former Four Winds space at 266 Commercial Street last spring.

The neighbors in attendance were given time to air their grievances anyway - despite the owners absence, which mainly surround the loud patrons they say congregate outside the establishment for four hours (roughly 10:30pm - 2:30am) six nights a week. (The attendees said problems with trash storage and traffic had largely been resolved.)

The attendees - who said they no problem with Flamingo in principle, and even admitted that one of their 21-year-old children frequents the establishment - came with specific a suggestion: nightly police details outside the establishment which the Flamingo would pay for.

Other ideas floated at the meeting:

  • Limit admittance to people 25 years old or older
  • Forcing the Flamingo to close at 10:30

Attendees also alleged that the owners were using the upstairs function room as an extension of its bar - something which might not be permitted under its current license.

There are no recent 311 reports about noise or trash at the Flamingo. But that could be due to submitters being discouraged by the byzantine process of 311, 911, and actioning issues with the City in general. From 311 report #101004416457 submitted 5 August 2022:

This is in front of the flamingo restaurant this is unbelievable the urinating in the line is unbelievable what is young people something needs to be done I was told again by the city Council to call 311 which is not helping

That report's status? Closed - Public exposure should be reported directly to 911 for immediate response.

Report #101004446454, submitted the following week remains open:

Young patrons at the Flamingo urinating outside while waiting in line

Report #101004408327 remains open as well:

I was told by a city counselor to send this in regarding the new establishment called flamingo at 266 Commercial St. there were over 60 kids outside waiting to get into the restaurant and some of them came behind the building right here in the parking lot and did their business and then went back to wait in the line this is a neighborhood this establishment should not be getting away with this not to mention vehicle after vehicle letting young people out to go into this venue this needs to go on file please

As does the lone report #101004767712 from this year submitted about a month ago:

The noise outside the flamingo is obnoxious. There are constantly drunk people drinking out on the street waiting to get in. It’s been going on from 11pm until past 2am

The Council indicated that the topic would be back on the agenda for the June meeting with hopes that the operators show up this time.

Coverage of the rest of the Neighborhood Council's agenda items - including unanimous supports for both voting items - can be found at the Regional Review.


Submitted by Thomas Gioia Sun, 05/14/2023 - 11:58

As the former owner of this property and business for more than half a century, I can‘t recall this level of outrage directed at the Sail Loft when for years there were similar lines of young people trying to gain entrance.  I feel that the Flamingo is being closely scrutinized and targeted because the immediate area is inhabited by very wealthy people who are politically influential and at times intolerant.  If you choose to live in Boston and especially on or near a heavily trafficked street then you shouldn’t expect to hear crickets after dusk.  There are many places for people to live if peace and quiet is of paramount importance.  Winchester,Lynnfield,Canton and Belmont are just a few examples that come to mind. 

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