Good Taste Records opens its doors on Thacher Street

Good Taste Records opens its doors on Thacher Street

Add Vinyl Record Store to the list of locally owned, independent brick and mortar shops that now exist in the North End. Good Taste Records opened its doors at 4 Thacher Street this weekend. The intimate space features racks of curated vinyl ranging from hip-hop and funk to soul, electronic, jazz, and soundtracks for films and video games. There's even a listening room to sample sounds before you buy.

Husband and wife owners and operators, Coty and Lindsey Smith, are also North End residents... originally from Kansas via Ireland. Coty - a long time DJ who has played the Fisherman's Feast in the past - says he'd like to see the shop become a cultural hub and gathering place for the neighborhood. He celebrates that record stores tend to attract "left-of-center" types. To this end, the shop will be hosting a day's worth of events on Saturday, April 23rd to coincide with National Record Store Day including a live band.

The collection is heavily curated. You won't find a scratched copy of Journey's Greatest Hits, but on a recent visit we did pick up the three-record set "Who is William Onyeabor" for $34 and sampled Khruangbin's latest collaboration with Leon Bridges in the on-site listening room. If you need help searching, look to the constantly updated Weekly Flavor and Good Tastes bins which are hand-selected by Smith.

Listening room
Featured "Good Tastes" albums

Rumors are that record store used to exist somewhere on Hanover street back in the last century. Searching through 70 years of classified ads turned up nothing, so let us know if you have any recollection of such a store.


Submitted by Coty Wed, 04/06/2022 - 06:59

Thanks for the post and for stopping in this weekend! Since you came in, I was able to get some more info from others who have stopped in the shop. 

Around 20 years ago, Tosi’s was a music store on Hanover street in what is today Fiore and carried sheet music, instruments, and some CDs and vinyl. I’ve also come to learn that Eddie Barrett, the “Soul Man of the North End” had a space or two during the 80’s where he dealt exclusively in soul music from the 60’s and 70’s. The space was only open on invite-only basis and wasn’t generally open to the public. 

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