Did you feel that? 32° in 45 minutes

Did you feel that? 32° in 45 minutes

According to a makeshift weather station cobbled together in the minutes leading up to the storm, the temperature in the North End dropped 32° in just 45 minutes Friday afternoon. That coincided with a 52% increase in humidity.

Makeshift rooftop weather station

Temps will be in the 90s again this weekend. If you were hoping to go to the pool tomorrow during the day, you're too late. There are no spots left until tomorrow night at 5:15. As always spots are opened up for reservation 24 hours before the session starts. So if you want to go on Sunday, be sure to be online at 9:30, 11:00, 1:00, or 3:15 because the spots will be gone within minutes.

As of Friday night, no spots were available for the pool on Saturday during the day

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