Slightly richer people vote to stay that way, lose - and other North End Election results

Slightly richer people vote to stay that way, lose - and other North End Election results

The five (yes, five) North End Precincts largely voted in line with each other, the City, and the State in Tuesday's election.

North End Precincts, City, and State results

Question 1

One notable exception was North End Precincts 1 & 2 which voted against Question 1 while the rest of the North End Precincts plus the City and State voted in favor. Question 1 will levy a new 4% tax on portions of incomes above $1 million, with revenue directed to education and transportation.

Precincts 1 & 2 loosely map to US Census Tracts 303.01 and 305 where 25% of households have incomes of more that $200,000. US Census Tracts 301 & 302 - which loosely map to Precincts 3, 4 & 11 - have less than half that amount. (Census Tract 304 straddles all but Precinct 4 and the number of households with incomes above $200k is somewhere in the middle of the rest.)

To summarize, the higher income precincts voted against an additional tax on income above $1M while the lower income Precincts (whose households still have very high income compared to the rest of the city, state, and region) voted for it. The vast majority of the people who voted against the tax increase will not end up paying any additional taxes under it.


The whole neighborhood voted for Geoff Diehl at a higher rate than the rest of the city - with more than 25% of voters in Precincts 1, 2, & 4 supporting Diehl - but at a lower rate than the state as a whole. The Attorney General race had almost identical percentage points for every Precinct, the City, and the State to the Governor's race.

Other Questions

Rounding out the Questions: Everyone wants dental insurance to pay for more things, no one understood the stuff about liquor stores, and the North End agreed that people shouldn't have to verify their citizenship or immigration status to apply for a driver's license.

Full precinct-level results from the City.

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