North Meadow Greenway Park completed

North Meadow Greenway Park completed

The park at Parcel 2 (dubbed "North Meadow") is now complete!

I swung by this afternoon to check it out. Other than the fact that it took me 3 minutes and 32 seconds to reach the park from the bus stop across the street on North Washington, and the exhaust and noise from traffic... the park was lovely! The flowers, seating, and signage all seemed well thought out and designed. (Especially the flowers - they really are lovely­čî║)

I spoke with two friendly visitors who live at One Canal who were also enjoying the park. They told me that they can see the park from One Canal and that they like to watch people using the new park from their windows :)

The Greenway Conservancy often refers to this as Parcel 2. But the originally defined Parcel 2 was zoned for  Commercial/residential use and is where One Canal now stands. This parcel wasn't part of the original Greenway plan as far as I can tell. In the screenshot below, the new park is the small triangle just North of the orange Parcel 2.

2003 Boston Globe snapshot detailing Parcel 2

It's still very hard to get to from the other Greenway park parcels and the North End. It took me over six minutes to walk from Parcel 8 to this park back in 2019.

It took a little more than half that time to walk from the bus stop outside the old Joe Tecce's (right across the street) today.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and reception at City Winery on Wednesday, July 20th. I'll post more details here if I hear them.

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