New public dock coming to Burroughs Wharf

New public dock coming to Burroughs Wharf

We noticed that the public dock at Burroughs Wharf has been barricaded with plywood and a makeshift sign reading "DO NOT DOCK ANY BOATS DOCK IS DANGEROUS" had been affixed to the gangway.

The good news:
Burroughs Wharf Condominium Trust has filed an Notice Of Intent for the repairs to the existing piles, replacement of an existing floating dock, and repairs to the superstructure and deck project with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

The replacement of the dock seems trivial compared to the rest of the project - which includes "jacketing the existing steel piles and making localized repairs to the concrete superstructure and deck" under the entirety of Burroughs Wharf - but it is the only part with public-facing impact. That impact namely being  that the floating dock is barricaded off and unusable for now.

The bad news:
The NOI doesn't include a timeline, but does note that a contractor hasn't been selected yet. So we might be looking at years before the public regains access to the dock.

No access to the Burroughs Wharf public dock

Other things of note from the NOI:

  • The cost for the project, estimated to determine the fee to the city, is $1.2 million resulting in a $900 fee to the city. I can't imagine that the estimated cost was intentionally lowballed to save on fees - especially considering such fees are capped at $1,500 - but $1.2 million for the work described sounds astonishingly low.
  • Similar repairs have been done "over the life" of the structure with the most recent set of repairs completed just five years ago.

Read the complete Notice Of Intent:

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