New Copp's Hill Burying Ground signage

New Copp's Hill Burying Ground signage

New signage in Copp's Hill Burying Ground was installed recently. The replacement signs seem pretty much identical in content and layout, but are pristine. The old ones had rotted and were virtually unreadable.

New signage at Copp's Hill Burying Ground (bottom photo). Old (top photo - in its better days more than a decade ago)

The biggest difference is the lack of any mayoral branding. That and "South view of Charlestown" by J.W. Barber is shown at full crop in the new sign (🤷)

Detail of the crops on JW Barber's engraving. Who knew we were being robbed of the big house on Charter St (current day Copp's Hill Terrace?) for all these years!?

The restored African Americans at Copp's Hill sign includes the photo Masonic Centennial, Prince Hall Grand Lodge taken by Hamilton Sutton Smith of a centennial commemoration of Prince Hall in 1908.

The view in the photo is 90° to the right of the sign and includes Snowhill St in the background. I found it interesting to see what has changed in the rooflines of the buildings in the last 115 years...

Changes to Snowhill Street behind Prince Hall monument

Things _do_ change.

Some more sign pics📸

Sharp new signs at Copp's Hill

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