December 2023 NEWNC meeting

December 2023 NEWNC meeting

The Neighborhood Council held its December meeting Monday night. The short agenda contained two voting items, both of which were unanimously supported by the Council.

Limoncello patio

Proposed permanent patio seating for Limoncello

Limoncello wants for formalize and make permanent its outdoor seating. The restaurant has been using the patio behind the building to seat roughly 30 patrons.

Notes from the restaurant and their attorney:

  • Last seating is at 8:30
  • Patio is emply by 10pm (any remaining guests are brought inside at that time)
  • No issues with neighbors in the last three years except for one which was complicated by "other factors"


Gordon Ramsay Burger roofdeck

Views of the Blackstone Block before and after protective windscreens are installed.

Gordon Ramsay Burger wants to add protective windscreens and extend the use of its roofdeck to year-round (weather permitting).

The section of the building that houses Gordon Ramsay is a single story because the BPDA and Historical Commission wanted to preserve views of the Historic Blackstone Block (read: Pete's Pub) behind it. At some point after the initial construction, a "pergola" was added to the roofdeck. Now the restaurant wants to add wind screens to the pergola and amend the license so it could be used year round.


  • One letter of opposition was received by the board. It appears to be from the owner of a neighboring restaurant and cited no specific concerns ("congestion").
  • When asked why the restaurant didn't seek a year-round license originally, their attorney explained that they misinterpreted "seasonal" to mean year-round weather-permitting.

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